Friday, September 6, 2013

two of my favorite things

family & the coast.

My parents rented a little cabin on the beach a couple of weekends ago for a family getaway & all I have to say is that it doesn't get much better than that.

{grandpa & Sam share the common understanding that now is always the "right time" when it comes to wrestlin'}

{crab hunter & superhero poses}

{my fellow early morning, low-tide adventurers}

 {a "love heart" for mommy.  a smiley face. and an autograph}

{my heart & dad's version of 'making watermelon balls'}

It's near impossible leaving a weekend like that without a smile on your face and your love cup full.


  1. I love the ""love heart" for mommy. the smiley face, and the autograph"!!
    Your chil is amazing!
    If I can express a desire, I would like to have a child like your Sam!

  2. I love love love love this!! These photos are making me melt with that gorgeous fog (and have a serious case of envy, let me tell you. Ugh, I miss the ocean!!) What a perfect love-filled weekend.

  3. I love family time! This place is stunning! Absolutely beautiful pictures!

  4. I am dying to get up to Oregon!!! It looks so beautiful!!!
    ❤ Kyna

  5. These are 2 of my fav things too. What beautiful moments you captured. Gorgeous! That crab pic is amazing.


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