Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween!

Jon wins the best award again this year for his pumpkin carving dedication.  Pumpkins that coordinate with Sam's costume, there's just no beating that!  I even put in extra effort this year, I mean look at my little dancin' monster, it's practically a gosh darn miracle compared to years past {and yes, even taking into consideration my use of a stencil}.  And Sam. Oh my, little Sam.  This was the first year he carved his own pumpkin all by himself.  Would you believe he spent over twice as long as either Jon or I working on it?  He actually took it back inside the next evening to continue his work--ultimately resulting in that hole now being approximately 30% larger.  Gah, if I loved that boy anymore I would surely explode.  That boy has got himself a heart of gold.

Have a Thor-tastic Halloween, friends!!
I know we will.  ;)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

autumn leaves

sweater: H&M, shirt: F21, jeans: Lauren Conrad for Kohls, booties: Ross, purse: Steve Madden

See all those leaves?  Those are all in my back yard.  I love those leaves--I think it helps that I have zero responsibility when it comes to cleaning them up.  This is the one and only time of year I am grateful that we live in a town house and do not have a yard to call our own.

Thanks to the miraculous dry spell for the past couple of weeks, these leaves are actually crisp. crisp, people!  When I walk through them, rather than leaving me with that all too familiar soggy shoe full of rain water and mushy leaf bits, they instead give off that satisfying dry crunch that reminds me of the autumn days from my childhood in Nebraska.  Octobers there were made for raking leaves into those large, perfect piles only to be decimated moments later by jumping into them cannonball style.  There was no better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Until someone, without fail, would end up with an eye full of leaf dust.  But we never learned--such is life.

On this particular day though, I was oh so tempted to shuffle these leaves into a pile for Sam, most likely with a broom seeing as we don't actually own a rake, so that he too could share in this joyous fall tradition.  But then I remembered our fellow townhouse dwellers' affinity for dogs and their lack of affinity for picking up dog poo, present company included, and thought better of it.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor!

So this is it.  the big kahuna.  "the one".  this is THE chosen costume for Halloween this year--and in a certain individual's opinion, quite possibly the biggest decision of the year.

The lucky fella got to put it on a few nights early for a Halloween party this weekend, and it was at this time we decided that a little Thor facial hair was a must.  After mixing Sam's face paint to the perfect shade of Thor-beard, I realized I couldn't quite picture the hair growth pattern.  So I told my boys to hold on one moment while I googled a few pictures of Thor.  Sam thought this was a perfectly reasonable idea.  Jon offered to light some candles and pour me a glass of wine while I browsed.

Later, Sam was explaining to me all the different super heroes' powers.  When he got to Thor, he hesitated for a moment and said, "Thor's power... well.... Thor's power is... in his face."
Well said young man, well said.  {Not sure you meant it quite the way it came out, but notheless, truer words have never been spoken.}

But with all that being said, Chris Hemsworth, take a good look at the above pictures, and eat your heart out.

Monday, October 14, 2013

a day at the orchard

A few weeks back, at the cusp of fall, before the cold fall mornings & crisp air settled into this part of the country and before the trees began covering the ground with their colorful patchwork quilt, we took a trip to the orchard with my family.

And it was all  kinds of wonderful.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

independence & being a kid

We've been trying something new around here.  Not that it's been without it's struggles {on my part mostly}.  Over the past few months, Sam has  been trying to stretch his 'independence legs', as he should, I suppose.  I mean the boy is four & a half {already????}.  Anyway, one area he has really zoned in as actively seeking his independence is dressing himself.  I remember my little sisters going through this phase and thought it so silly when my mom would fret over what they chose to dress themselves in.  She would lament over the fact that one had already worn that same skirt for the past 3 days or that the other had "so many nice clothes... why does she need to wear that one?".  And I would laugh and remind her they're just kids after all.  She looked at me and said, "Just you wait until one day when you have kids."  Oh, mama, I'll let my kids wear whatever their little hearts desire.

Dang that mama and her foreshadowing.  Why mama are you so smart?? These are but a few phrases that have come out of my mouth in the past few months, "But Jooon, he has so many nice clothes!", "Oh no, not the batman shirt again...", "Ummmm... I'm not sure those rain boots are seasonally appropriate for July".  And while I have a lovely selection of little man clothes for my boy, he chooses to wear only things inspired by superheroes or what he considers inspired by superhero alter egos {eg. Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, etc.}.  And most days runs around looking like this:

Or this:

Yes, ma'am.  'Tis true.

When I now buy his clothes I try to compromise a bit.  What items will he actually wear that I don't just entirely despise?  Sigh....  This process is only made harder by photos floating around out there such as these:
via pinterest

For a brief moment I see pictures such as these and think, "if only Sam would let me dress him like that!".

But truth be told, when I stop to think about it, I want my kid to be a kid.
I want him run like a kid,
play like a kid,
get dirty like a kid,
imagine like a kid,
dream like a kid,
and yes, dress himself like a kid.

So if this means a closet full o' superhero, I'll take it.

Manhood can wait.  And in the meantime, we'll work on his blossoming independence one step at a time.

Monday, October 7, 2013

six undeniable signs from this past week that fall is here

  top: Target, jeans: LC for Kohls, sweater & boots: Ross, purse: the Sak

  • one small blue flip-flop met it's unreperable demise.  one small boy cried about it for approximately 10 minutes.
  • two pumpkin pies were baked
  • three people cuddled close under the covers, trying to warm up their toes at one anothers' expense
  • four, the age at which the costume aisle at Target is just too jam packed with awesomeness that in a moment of utter overwhelment, you sit down right then and there, forehead resting on your knees, and declare, "Maybe I just won't get a costume... maybe I'll just wear my nice clothes... there's just too many choices... {sighhhhh}"
  • five pairs of boots that have been busted free from the back of the closet
  • six, the number of times Sam has "checked on" his new Halloween costume since it's arrival to our doorstep earlier this afternoon to "make sure it's still okay"

Saturday, October 5, 2013

hawaii {part 3}

But most afternoons were spent exploring the coastline.  

And discovering 'secret passages' through the giant trees.

And watching fish from the pier.

And feeding fish from the pier when some lovely grandparents shared their saltines with Sam.

And taking an exorbitant amount of family photos.  But just look at that place, I mean, really, can you blame us?

 We discovered some lovely sites.

And swung from trees like Tarzan & soaked in more sunsets.

And just looked downright adorable.

Oh, hello down there, handsome.

Our last night on Oahu, we spent enjoying a luau.  The costumes & dancing were amazing, but Sam was most excited about his orange soda.

 We were so sad to go.

But don't you worry, Hawaii, we will be back.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

hawaii {part 2}

We decided to simplify our trip by not renting a car, but still wanting to see more of the island, we decided to book a tour.  Honestly a bit of a long day of riding, but so glad we did it.  Sam was a champ and we got to see some beautiful sites.

Pearl Harbor was a favorite.  Amazing, and heartbreaking, and inspiring all in one.

We also got to enjoy the serenity of a Buddhist temple up in the mountains,

And some of the beautiful North shore beaches {& even caught a glimpse of a sea turtle!}.

We stopped by the Dole pineapple plantation and guzzled down some of their pineapple Dole whip. delish.  They say it's only served there on the plantation and at Disney World.  Whyyyy??

 A macadamia nut farm, a ranch & Lucy's house from '50 First Dates' {I mean, who doesn't love that movie, right Jon?  Jon??} along with about a million other sites were seen along the tour.

 Oahu, you are officially Sam approved.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

hawaii {part 1}

Sitting at our dining room table a few Sunday afternoons ago, we made the best last minute vacay decision we have ever-and I repeat ever- made.  Holy cow, Hawaii truly does live up to it's reputation, let me tell ya.

 We arrived to our hotel and just about died of happiness that we actually had an ocean view.  That balcony and I shared many a sunset and many a morning cup of coffee...  It also stole a chunk out of Sam's big toe, but he was oh so brave and managed to survive.

Each morning started with a little stroll down to the beach.  Picture perfect, truly.

We spent our days swimming, building sand castles and hunting for crabs.

Despite my pasty skin tone, I'm pretty sure my soul is Hawaiian.  This became clear to me after I'd heard some of the native Hawaiians explain 'how much longer' by saying "15 Hawaiian minutes" for the gajillionth time.  If we lived in Hawaii, I would never be late on Hawaiian time.  Also, their affinity for wearing flowers in their hair 'just because'.  Sold.