Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween!

Jon wins the best award again this year for his pumpkin carving dedication.  Pumpkins that coordinate with Sam's costume, there's just no beating that!  I even put in extra effort this year, I mean look at my little dancin' monster, it's practically a gosh darn miracle compared to years past {and yes, even taking into consideration my use of a stencil}.  And Sam. Oh my, little Sam.  This was the first year he carved his own pumpkin all by himself.  Would you believe he spent over twice as long as either Jon or I working on it?  He actually took it back inside the next evening to continue his work--ultimately resulting in that hole now being approximately 30% larger.  Gah, if I loved that boy anymore I would surely explode.  That boy has got himself a heart of gold.

Have a Thor-tastic Halloween, friends!!
I know we will.  ;)


  1. amazing pumpkin creations!

  2. Such awesome pumpkins!
    Happy Halloween!


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