Tuesday, October 1, 2013

hawaii {part 1}

Sitting at our dining room table a few Sunday afternoons ago, we made the best last minute vacay decision we have ever-and I repeat ever- made.  Holy cow, Hawaii truly does live up to it's reputation, let me tell ya.

 We arrived to our hotel and just about died of happiness that we actually had an ocean view.  That balcony and I shared many a sunset and many a morning cup of coffee...  It also stole a chunk out of Sam's big toe, but he was oh so brave and managed to survive.

Each morning started with a little stroll down to the beach.  Picture perfect, truly.

We spent our days swimming, building sand castles and hunting for crabs.

Despite my pasty skin tone, I'm pretty sure my soul is Hawaiian.  This became clear to me after I'd heard some of the native Hawaiians explain 'how much longer' by saying "15 Hawaiian minutes" for the gajillionth time.  If we lived in Hawaii, I would never be late on Hawaiian time.  Also, their affinity for wearing flowers in their hair 'just because'.  Sold.


  1. These pictures!! Swoon! I want to be there!

    What a great last minute trip! I want to visit Hawaii badly. One day :)

    Looking forward to more Hawaii recap posts!

  2. Wow Christine!!!
    That places are AMAZING!!!!and the colour of the sea?wow....
    You lucky!!!


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