Saturday, October 5, 2013

hawaii {part 3}

But most afternoons were spent exploring the coastline.  

And discovering 'secret passages' through the giant trees.

And watching fish from the pier.

And feeding fish from the pier when some lovely grandparents shared their saltines with Sam.

And taking an exorbitant amount of family photos.  But just look at that place, I mean, really, can you blame us?

 We discovered some lovely sites.

And swung from trees like Tarzan & soaked in more sunsets.

And just looked downright adorable.

Oh, hello down there, handsome.

Our last night on Oahu, we spent enjoying a luau.  The costumes & dancing were amazing, but Sam was most excited about his orange soda.

 We were so sad to go.

But don't you worry, Hawaii, we will be back.

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  1. Thank you for the follow! We're so happy you did because in doing so we were able to find yours!

    These pictures just got us SO excited for our upcoming trip to Hawaii this Christmas! LOVE the family luau pic!

    xo, B


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