Monday, November 25, 2013

goodbye to fall

This morning, as I scraped the frost off of my car window, and as Sam quickly withdrew his hand from the door handle exclaiming, "What is that???" regarding the frost that covered the rest of the car, I knew fall was officially over.  After explaining that it was just frost from being so cold outside, he excitedly proclaimed that it must be winter now and Santa is most assuredly on his way.

From the mouth of babes.  Yes, winter is here.

So long fall, we loved having ya.  But winter, we're looking forward to having some special moments with you too {p.s. if you could please muster up some snow for these parts, we would much appreciate showing our little boy the finer arts of snowman building and snowball fights}.


  1. so sad Fall is over ... but so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas ... best time of year!

    LOVE the pictures!

  2. Fall seemed pretty short this year! We've been getting winter weather the past couple of weeks and everything has been completely frosted over in the mornings and it has been really foggy too!
    Love the beautiful photos!

  3. Love your dress with those boots! It's getting colder around these parts too. There won't be snow but the heat might be turned on very soon.

  4. Hi Christine!
    We say goodbye to fall even here!
    I think Sam will have a very good time with snow!!
    Have a nice day!

  5. Priceless photos!! Can I also say that I love your boots :) Have a great thanksgiving day!

  6. You guys are SERIOUSLY the cutest!!
    ♥ Kyna


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