Monday, November 4, 2013

halloween is for...

...taking advantage of every opportunity to wear your costume in public places.

...and mama to take scenic autumn pictures {wait, isn't that everyday??}

...eating Darth Vader cookies.

..playing in the leaves, Thor style, & trick-or-treating with friends.

 ...more trick-or-treating.

... but most importantly, Halloween is for meeting "Big Thor" at a Halloween party and trying to work up the courage allll night long to talk to him, but never quite mustering enough up.  But then, just before leaving, you realize that this just may be your last chance to meet him, so you insist on finding him before you leave.  Finally, after looping the whole perimeter, you find him.  But the closer you get, the more nervous you become until the big moment is spent just. like. this.  Head buried in mama's shoulder.  Unable to even look in his general direction.  He talks to you anyway, telling you he likes your red cape and your hammer.  Then it's time to go.  Moment's over.

Oh, the magic of Halloween through his four year old eyes... :)


  1. I love your jacket! That is so sweet, big Thor and little Thor :)

  2. Oh my God!!
    He is so sweet!!
    You're so right, the world is really magic through a four year old eyes! ;)
    Have a good Tuesday, Christine!

  3. Oh how fun! Looks like you guys had an amazing Halloween (: I love that last picture!

  4. Colorful, refreshing and so full of life! Excellent photos to cherish forever

  5. Oh! Big Thor and Little Thor. Such a sweet moment!


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