Thursday, December 26, 2013

the day after Christmas

 dress: Forever 21, turtle neck; Target, necklace: Kohls, shoes: JC Penney

It's the day after Christmas.  My Christmas tree is wilting, which I didn't even know they could do, but apparently they can.  Sam cried this morning because it was "just a plain day".  I have to go back to work tomorrow.  I feel this has become an annual ordeal, these post-Christmas blues.  So, instead of pouting too much, I'll just continue to listen to Christmas music, light some Christmas candles and look at some Christmas pictures and post a Christmas Eve outfit.  Nothin' that living in a little denial can't solve... right?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

a very merry Christmas to you!

At this very moment, I've got cookies for Santa baking in the oven and Christmas music crooning away while Jon & Sam busily play Legos.  As soon as the little man finishes his "taste test" of the cookies, you know, to make sure he's offering Santa only the finest of snacks, it'll be off to bed for him.  Meanwhile, Jon & I will be hunkerin' down to finish some last minute stocking stuffers and see how far we can make it through Love Actually until we pass out too.  This is my favorite evening of the year. hands.down.

Merry Christmas, friends!  Hope your day is filled with family, food, laughter and love!

Love, Christine, Jon & Sam
{and our crooked Christmas tree star :) }

Monday, December 23, 2013

there's no greater Christmas love...

  • ...than a love that withstands my demand for nonstop Christmas music for the past three weeks.
  • ...than a love that overlooks the fact that just last week a picture of our child finally replaced that of the no-name model infant in our son's "First Christmas" ornament.  Only 4 years late, no biggie.
  • ...than a love that laughs at my "joke" that only things that feed our mind, soul and bowels with Christmas spirit are allowed in our home, all the while understanding that this was no joke.
  • ...than a love that braves the pre-Christmas Eve grocery store alone while I snuggle with Sam on the couch watching Polar Express, sipping hot cocoa.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

a history lesson

Following a riveting rendition of the story of Noah's Ark by daddy at bedtime a few evenings ago, Sam asked, "Did that really happen?".
"Yes," daddy replied.
"When?" asked Sam.
"A looong time ago," said daddy.
"Oh.  Like the 1960's," stated Sam, with a great deal of certainty in his voice.

Now, I know a lot of cuh-razy things went down in the 1960's, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't one of them.