Wednesday, January 8, 2014

guilt-free fur

faux fur vest: Elle for Kohl's, top: Target, jeans: LC for Kohl's, shoes: Ross, watch: Skagen,  necklace: Christmas gift from my husband

We've got this little joke at our house about "guilt-free fur".  Not faux fur.  Oh no, this is entirely different.  It's real fur, just guilt free.  "But, how do achieve this??" I'm sure you're asking yourself at this very moment.  Well friends, let me tell you...

It all started with a small, runt of the litter, 7lb wiener dog.  also sometimes called a dachshund.  her name is Lucy.  She runs very long through the middle.  She likes to cuddle.  She is very warm.  She has lovely auburn fur.  She fits perfectly around the back of my neck, one end resting on each shoulder.

Not that guilt-free fur is without it's drawbacks.  You see, Lucy likes to eat people food.  'Tis a tricky thing getting your fork to your mouth without a little interference from the guilt-free fur.  On the upside, perhaps this is a new diet trend??  Second, it is not uncommon for foul smells to be emitted from either of her ends.  Thirdly, sometimes she barks at things.  This is annoying. And hurts my ears.  We're still working out a few quirks.

But let me tell ya, move on over Pantone and your perfect shade of "radiant orchid" because this guilt-free fur... it's an up and comer for 2014.  Buy your stock now!  Or don't.  What do I know, I'm just a lady with a miniature dachshund wrapped around her neck.

But just you remember... on that inevitable day when you enter your favorite local coffee shop to see all the hipsters in their floppy beanies desperately trying to drink their soy latte without their guilt-free fur sneaking a sip as well... just remember you heard it here first.


  1. Darling outfit!!! This fir thing is really taking off. I'm too scared to wear it of course. I tend to shy away from bolder type outfits. I'm working on this. You are wearing it well.

  2. Gosh, you're gorgeous! Fur suits you well my friend! :)

  3. Setting aside your beautiful fur, I love the refreshing surroundings and your choice of black pieces. You really rock in your outfit!

  4. haha! Loving the guilt-free fur idea! If only our apartment allowed animals, I'd be set! I'm also totally in love with your outfit, I wish I could wear something like that as boldly as you do!

    Angela |


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