Friday, February 14, 2014

on behalf of our family...

...Sam would like to announce's a GIRL!!! 

He was so certain that this little baby would be a "brudder", but the idea of a sister seems to be growing on him.  When he referred to her as his "Green Lantern sister" this afternoon {as in the super hero, Green Lantern}, I figured things will be a-okay :).  

We are just over the moon and so excited to meet this little lady!

p.s. Happy Valentine's Day!! <3

Sunday, February 9, 2014

it's hard to say goodbye

even when it's just a pup.
a pup that was a part of our family for 6 years.  I remember the first time I saw her.  New Years Eve 2007, Jon had just gotten home from work and headed straight into the bedroom.  "Hey, come here, I have something to show you," he said.  And there, in the middle of our bed, sat a tiny dachshund puppy with the most ginormous ears you ever did see.  Needless to say, she had me at 'hello'.
I was certain she'd live to be an old, gray, grumpy little lady, probably mostly blind, deaf and decrepit.  I thought we'd get to love her til her hair fell out.  I thought she'd be there at the door when Sam returned from his first day of kindergarten and when Jon graduates medical school.  I pictured her wet little nose oh so verrrrry carefully sniffing out the new little one the day we come home from the hospital.  We had made promises to Sam that if he could just pleasepleaseplease sleep in his own bed throughout the whole night, we'd make sure that Lucy would stay snuggled under the covers with him.  She was very good at detecting those pesky monsters under the bed, you see.

But turns out that none of these things were meant to be.  Our fiercely loyal, food-loving, blanket-burrowing, cuddler passed away this past Friday evening.  The whole nightmare began Tuesday morning with an emergency run to the vet, but little Lu, despite her and our best efforts, just wasn't able to kick it.  Sam has trouble understanding.  He asked me on Saturday morning if she was still dead and tonight during night prayers he asked God to send Lucy back to earth after she was in heaven for a little while.

His favorite song right now is "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".  He says it makes him feel happy. 
We love you little Lucy Lou and miss you more than you know.