Tuesday, April 1, 2014

a six month bump

shirt: c/o Eve of Eden, jacket: Black Rivet, jeans: H&M Maternity, shoes: JC Penney

This little babe is growing at mach speed I'm pretty sure.  I'm also pretttty sure I know what mach speed is... if only I'd paid more attention in physics. All physics aside, I can't believe we're hitting the 6 month mark already!  Stuff is getting real, my friends.  Real serious belly lotioning, real serious baby kicks, real serious sciatica, real serious ice cream consumption, and a real serious need for some maternity clothes.  The thing is though, that I kinda hate stocking up on maternity clothes because I know that I'll only be wearing them for a few months.  So, I try to stick to selecting a few versatile basics that I intend to wear over and over again.  This striped top from Eve of Eden falls into this category perfectly.  First off, I'm sucker for stripes, so that one was easy.  Second, I love the ruching on the sides which help to enhance my baby bump, making it more obvious that my belly is indeed due to a baby and not just a few too many beers ;).  Thirdly, quality fabric is important in an item you intend to wear frequently and during pregnancy a nice thick knit with lots of stretch that will surely last through many wears and washes & accommodate a growing belly is key.

I know this top will be on high rotation over the next few months, get used to seeing it :)


  1. You are quite possibly the cutest pregnant mama ever. Definitely a win with that shirt too! Happy 6 months!!

  2. You look beautiful!!
    Love the shirt, love the little white jacket :)

  3. You are A-DORABLE. I'm in the same boat, I should be buying maternity but...I'm not. I find a top that works well with my big ol' bump and I wear it in rotation. :)

  4. Christine!
    You look awesome!!! Wow! You're wonderful!!!
    I hope everything is going in the right way!
    Have a nice evening!

  5. I love your outfit! That top looks great on you!
    Hope you have an amazing weekend.


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