Wednesday, April 9, 2014

turnin' thirty & feeling fine

top: c/o Eve of Eden, jeans: H&M Maternity, shoes: DSW, belt: JC Penney, bracelet: H&M

As I sit here this evening on the cusp of my third decade of life, I can't help but feel surprised.  I anticipated experiencing all types of emotions and thoughts as I waved goodbye forever to my twenties, but joy was one emotion that was noticeably missing from the list.  Oh, those sooooo long anticipated twenties.  I remember it like yesterday, just waiting for the day I would officially no longer be considered a teenager.  I was ready to be a full blown adult.  Right at the stroke of midnight.  Bam.  Adulthood.
Oh twenties, even in all of your naivety you were good to me.
You saw me become so many things, but my two most treasured roles being wife & mama.

Tomorrow, during the quiet hustle and bustle of our morning routine, between my cup of coffee and Sam's cereal growing soggy in the bowl as Sesame Street calls softly from the television, those life changing twenties will slip away and a new chapter will begin.  When I'd previously thought about this transition, I figured I'd most certainly feel saddened as my youth was suddenly forced into the shadows of this milestone. The big 3-0.  Sounds daunting.  Heck, I remember when my own mother turned thirty.  Actually, I was Sam's age at the time.  Will he remember my milestone birthday, I wonder?  Considering he can't seem to figure out if I'm turning 17 or 61, chances are slim. ;)

But truth be told, my heart doesn't hold even the smallest sliver of sadness this evening.  Instead, I can't help but feel grateful.  Grateful that I've had the opportunity to see this third decade.  Sure my skin may crinkle in places that used to lay smooth and dimple in places I'd rather it not, but oh my word you guys, how lucky am I?  Thirty precious years that I've been given the opportunity to grow & learn & live & love on this beautiful earth.  Truly a privilege.

I entered my twenties without much purpose or direction.  Tomorrow I enter my thirties with a joyous overflow of both.

To risk sounding like a Hallmark card:  each day, each year, each decade of life on this earth is a gift to be treasured.  And I am lucky enough to have seen thirty full years of it.

Tomorrow I will be 30 and feeling just fine.

How lucky am I?


  1. So many true words!!!
    If you keep your mind in this way, you will be happy even to celebrate 90!I think we should be happy and grateful for everything!
    Thirty is a very good age!
    And you look awesome! with your little lady...I think there's no better way for celebrating a birthday!
    Here in Italy is not a good thing saying "happy birthday" to someone before his/her birthday, we are I'm coming back here tomorrow! ;)

  2. Happy birthday :D. You look super cute! Here's to many many more.

    Sorry I am reading this a couple days late---but I hope you had a wonderful day!!

  4. Happy Birthday! I dreaded 30's until I got there and realized that I was so much better in my 30's then my 20's!! My 20's had a lot of miserable years in them. Getting older just means that you get to live and enjoy life longer. That's how I try to look at it.

  5. Happy birthday! I have loved every birthday, every age, because each one reminds me that I made yet another year. It's awesome to be fine with getting older :)


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