Thursday, October 23, 2014

these days

These days are filled to the brim.

They're filled with rain and changing leaves.  Soccer games and melt-yer-heart gummy smiles.  These days are filled with sweet baby snuggles and new adventures in homeschooling.  Dirty diapers and 5 year old boy jokes {you know the ones ;)...}.  They're filled with 4AM feeds and the excitement of the almost-within-our-grasp conclusion to medical school.  These days are filled with sweaters and rain-boots and baby tights.  Ninja moves and living room dance parties.   Pumpkin patches, crackling fires, cups of hot cocoa and the cozy nostalgia bubbling up from holidays past.  Nursing {the breast kind} and nursing {the hospital kind}.  They're filled with brand new giggles {ohhh those giggles!} and an eternal pile of unfolded laundry.  These days are filled with residency interview offers from all corners of the country and the anticipation of our next adventure.  They're filled with daydreams and hard work.  These days are filled with a never ending to-do list and time that flies faster than ever before. 

These days are like ones we've never had before and will never have again.

These are the days.


  1. Christine!
    What a wonderful post! :)
    For a minute I was there with you, with your wonderful family!
    Taste every moment s of this wonderful time you're living!

  2. This post was so sweet. I couldn't help smiling the entire time I was reading. I'm glad I stumbled across your blog today. Have a wonderful day... :)

  3. So awesome that your blog has the same name as my design biz and store! I named it all after a favorite number but love where yours comes from. All my best, Melisa Bleasdale


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