Thursday, September 8, 2016

The good, the bad & the ugly

The good:  A successful thrifting venture earlier this week! Including a JCrew sweater, Via Spiga sandals, a new-from-Targs-pillow and a sweet little clock

The bad: Going down the slide at the park with Cora and ending up with my butt in a puddle at the end.  Even worse, it had not rained recently.  The worst, our pup, Willie, found the wet spot on my pants to be extremely interesting.

The ugly:  These stripperesque dolls also found while thrifting. To be clear, neither Miss Brazilian-Cut-Panties or Miss Go-Go-Boots-Belly-Button-Ring-Sparkle-Panties found their way into our cart.


  1. AH that is THE BEST thrift find!!! Heart eye emoji!

  2. What? You don't want your kid to play with stripper dolls? LOL. Cute finds. All of it.


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